Spinners are Stupid!

I got sucked into making spinners again. I don’t usually sell them, but wind up giving them as gifts to friends and family. Post Views: 338

brass spinner

Brass Is Beautiful

A beautiful hand made brass and acrylic spinner, perfectly balanced. Calming and smooth for those needing something to fidgit with while talking or thinking.

aluminum pen holder

R2D2 Used For Scale

These beautiful pen holders are amazing. Milled from a solid block of aluminum. They are hefty and stable with 9 pens inserted. They will last a lifetime and then some. …

In Progress

Many rockets in progress at the moment. Trying new designs, looking for simplicity, not sure if that’s what people want. Currently, the fins can be removed from rockets, but the …

UFO Sighted

This UFO lamp has been a work in progress for many years. I am trying to sort out a design that is viable for sale. The difficulty is in how …

Flash Gordon Returns

I created a new rocket design. Will see how it goes, this design uses bonded fins to attach fin to body. The fin design is also a simpler Flash Gordon …

Turning Aluminum Into Gold

Each rocket takes about 40 hours to make. Each component has to be either turned or milled. Then fit together with nice tight tolerances. Each piece is hand polished. They …